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Made of Lines

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Posted on July 24, 2016
Watch me get wild in honor of the September launch of Halfway Wild!
Written by Laura Freudig.  Illustrated by me.  Published by Islandport Press.

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This is Kevin. He writes and illustrates books for children.

As a child, Kevin Barry would spend his time cutting out and copying the comic strips from his dad's Sunday newspaper.  His love of drawing only grew with the years, leading Kevin to a pursue a BFA in illustration at UMass Dartmouth.  Kevin has worked as a graphic designer, special education teaching assistant, and third grade teacher.  Teaching helped to foster Kevin's love of children's literature, and has given him insight into the inner lives of children and how they connect to stories. Kevin is an active member of the SCBWI and recently won the R. Michelson Emerging Artist Award.  He lives with his wonderful wife and curious cat, Murphy, in the suburbs of Boston.

"All Children, except one, grow up."

                                             -- j.m. Barrie, from Peter pan and wendy